Contribution Guidelines

From's purpose

The purpose of this website is to provide accurate and useful information, guides, and resources relating to the personal care and transition of AMAB (assigned male at birth) transfeminine individuals. Articles should be written in a formal or semi-formal tone, with the goal of educating the reader such that the information can be applied to their own lives.

This website is free content that can be used, edited, and redistributed by anyone. Users are welcome and encouraged to contribute.

Contribution guidelines

  • Do not include illegal content in any article. Use common sense. Be respectful to others.
  • All information should be accurate, truthful, and in good faith to the best of the author's knowledge.
  • Information should always be cited if citations are available. This applies especially to medical knowledge, without exception. If there is a lack of supporting data for a claim, then this should be noted in the text.
  • Advice, step-by-step guides and instruction, etc. are welcome, but should be supported by factual information, citations, generally recognized "best practices", etc. Subjective advice is acceptable for nonmedical topics.
  • APA-style citations can be created via the same main citation templates that Wikipedia uses. You can easily use these templates via the "Cite" toolbar option in the Visual Editor.
  • Pages should be written in an approachable manner, i.e., balancing scientific and technical information with simple English terminology and definitions.
  • Wikipedia's "Contributing to Wikipedia" article may provide useful insights into contributing. Wikipedia runs on the same wiki application, albeit with a different set of extensions and configurations.