Makeup Routine Products



Always start with a clean slate by preparing your skin. Your routine should include steps in correct order to create your desired look.

Here are some sample routines


to smoothen out skin texture and allow powder to stick to it (sometimes special eye primer, sometimes blemish balm "BB" cream, sometimes tinted moisturizer)


to make complexion look more uniform, hides some blemishes. for powder this is where brushes are useful. also used to hide beard shadow


concealer, color corrector, undereye corrector - to hide discoloration and imperfections. repeat steps 4-5 for stronger disguise


contouring, highlight, bronzer, blush - this is to cast shadows create contrast and give the appearance of better 3d shape

Lip Liner

to create a good outline and shape


lipstick or lipgloss - to make them pop and look pretty

Eyebrow pencil

eyebrow pencil, gel, powder - to make it defined, give it nicer shape and fill out gaps


to enhance and create colorful displays on your eyelid. usually sold in palettes with bunch of colors. brushes are crucial but there are stick options.


eyeliner pencil, liquid felt, gel - make them bigger, improve canthal tilt, wing it like an egirl


to darken, extend and curl your lashes. use of lash curler before eyeshadow is recommended