Stores and Thrifting


Thrift stores occasionally have a "fill a bag for $x" deal. This allows you to try on large amounts of clothing that you may like or unlike, feel comfortable wearing or not wearing, then donate back all the stuff you don't want. This is still WAY cheaper than buying new, it's a ton of fun, and it's better for the environment too while you're at it. To note, no one minds if youre shopping in a "womens" section.

Many online stores offer feminine clothing in a variety of sizes and styles. Sizing guides are avaliable on their websites, and some places offer free returns or swaps, within a 28 day window of purchase.[1]

Cheaper online stores such as SHEIN, Ali Express, or Temu may offer cheap clothing, but is tricky as sizing is tough, especially for those who are taller, or larger. Sizing guides can be found on their websites, however the sizes actually offered are not in a wide enough range for anyone over a medium. These sites are also often attributed to "fast fashion" and are considered unethical to purchase from.

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